Tratnik won East Bohemia Tour for the second time in a row

Jan Tratnik (Amplatz BMC) won the second edition of the East Bohemia Tour, UCI Europe Tour 2nd category event in Czech Republic. Second position in the overall classification belongs to Martinez Francesco Zurita (Team Vorarlberg), Max Kanter (Team Brandenburg) finished as third.

Tratnik defended his title in Czech Republic mainly thanks to a good tactical performance of his team in the last mountains stage around Opočno (178 km). There were six Amplatz BMC team members in the leading group which increased the lead to more than two and half minutes. At this moment it was quiet clear that the leader in yellow jersey František Sisr lost the chance for overall win.

"I feel really good, confident as this stage event looks like it is really for me. It is the second year in a row I won. The European championships are ahaed of my next week so it was a good test for me and now I will go much more motivated to France," Tratnik said.

The Slovenian competitor like the profile of East Bohemia Tour. "Usually in the stage events there is always a finish on the climb in one stage and I am not so good in it. But in this event it is like a bit up and down and sprint of small groups in the finish where I am strong enough so this I really like here."

The second stage of the event was a huge tactical success of his team who helped him to win the event. "We knew that Sisr who was in the yelloe jersey is not so good on the climb so we tried to make the race so hard. Together with my teammates we attacked in the climb, all six of us and then my teammates made a really good job. I can say that without them it would not be possible. I think more they win the race, not me. I just finish the race."

Tratnik won the second stage win in Opočno in front of Max Kanter (Team Brandenburg), the third place belongs to Martinez Francesco Zurita (Team Vorarlberg).

Summary of East Bohemia Tour:
The yellow jersey: Jan Tratnik (Amplatz BMC)
Individual point classification: Jan Tratnik (Amplatz BMC)
Best rider under 23: Max Kanter (Team Brandenburg)
Best rider in mountain classification: Carl Fredrik Hagen (Team Sparebanken Sör)

Overall standings: 1. Tratnik (Amplatz BMC) 7:37:37, 2. Zurita (Team Vorarlberg) -15, 3. Kanter (LKT Team Brandenburg) -19, 4. Baldauf (Hrinkow Advarics Cycling Team) -22, 5. Hagen (Coop Osterhus) -23, 6. Jensen (Coop Osterhus) -24, 7. Bissinger (WSA Greenlife) -25, 8. Schönberger (Tirol Cycling Team) -25, 9. Hagen (Team Sparebanken Sör) -25, 10. Lukkedal (Coop Osterhus) -25. 

Results – 2nd stage: 1. Tratnik (Amplatz BMC) 4:15:24, 2. Kanter (LKT Team Brandenburg), 3. Zurita (Team Vorarlberg), 4. Jensen (Coop Osterhus), 5. Bissinger (WSA Greenlife), 6. Lukkedal (Coop Osterhus), 7. Rogina (Adria Mobil), 8. Pozdnjakov (Synergy Baku Cycling Project), 9. Hagen (Coop Osterhus), 10. Gaugl (Hrinkow Advarics Cycling Team) všichni stejný čas.



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